Saturday, July 31, 2010

This morning when driving our trash to the local drop-off location I listened to a religious talk station because I have sinned and needed to do penance. The topic of discussion was psychics. Apparently one of the guests has written books about how beliefs in the psychics and other supernatural powers is evil and anti-biblical. They talked a bit about Sylvia Browne, a famous "psychic" who is especially notorious in the skeptical community (James Randi has been going after her for years).

Now, on one hand I guess it's good that someone is warning the Christians about these scoundrels. But their objections weren't based on critical thinking or scientific evidence. They object because belief in the paranormal is apparently counter to scripture. And of course, I couldn't miss the irony that the author's entire world view is based on a set of paranormal beliefs that include a magic man in the sky, miracles, end times, and everything else that goes with evangelical Christianity. All in all, the whole thing was amusing.

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